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The Cemetery 6 Series

The first book in an Anthology Series of short stories, 'The Cemetery 6-Tales of Terror was released this past September on Amazon.  The setting takes us to beautiful Thailand where 6 High School teens meet on Friday nights in a local cemetery to hang out and tell creepy tales of mystery and horror.  Much to their surprise, they meet the ghost of a murdered girl and find themselves embroiled in a story of their own. In the second book titled Festival of Fear, the teens come face to face with the ghost of a man who was murdered by his gold-digging wife. Can they help him get the justice he deserves or will she continue her murderous ways? Book three 'Graveyard Stories' takes us back to where it all started; the cemetery. Eleven chilling stories all related to a different cemetery. These 'Dead Time' stories may keep you up at night.

Tales of Terror

9 Chilling Tales set in the beautiful country of Thailand. 6 teens meet in a local cemetery on Friday night and tell scary stories until one night they meet the ghost of a murdered girl. Can they help solve her murder before the killer gets to them? 

Festival of Fear


In the second book of the Cemetery 6 Series, 'The 6' find themselves entwined in another murder mystery. This time it won't be easy as the killer has covered their tracks. We'll see if the killer (or killers) finally gets their 'Just Deserts' or elude the authorities again. The story blends in with another 9 creepy tales told by the teens including some twists and turns, murderous spirits and some good old fashioned in your face revenge. 

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Graveyard Stories

The 3rd book in the Cemetery 6 Series will bring you 11 new 'Dead Time' stories as a cemetery will serve as the focal point for all stories as the undead wreak havoc throughout Thailand. A robbery getaway gone wrong, a motorist breaks down on an isolated country road and ghosts of the famous Teochew Cemetery in Bangkok are back to haunt us. All stories lead back to the cemetery in this the 3rd book of the Cemetery 6 series.

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