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Graveyard Stories

It’s time for bed…

Under the haunting beauty of a midnight sky, the silence of the cemetery is shattered. In this third installment in the Cemetery 6 series, the Six assemble among the tombstones to tell their tales of horror.

In this compilation of eleven Dead Time stories, the undead wreak havoc throughout Thailand.

A robbery gone wrong, a stranded motorist on an isolated country road, and the protectors of an ancient Chinese cemetery make their haunting return. Get ready to be consumed by these and more deliciously disturbing tales where each story leads them back to the very place that brings them together – the cemetery.

Violence, fear, murder, and an impending sense of dread is the stuff of nightmares.

Sweet dreams.

Release Date: Early April 2023
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11 New 'Deadtime' Stories from the Grave.

     She Walks Among the Tombstones   Stolen Dreams

Patient 57

Just Another Job

The Awakening

The Man on the Bridge

Best Friends

Cemetery Hill

Grave Mistake

Grave Encounters

Retribution River

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