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What if your deepest, darkest thoughts and wishes were to come true?

Behind bars lies Eden Frost—the girl with bloody hands. Now released, she seeks normalcy in a world that won't let her forget.

Labeled a violent child for her father's brutal murder, Eden returns to her sister, haunted by voices and shadows. Can the madness of her dark past ever fade? Can society ever see her as anything but disturbed? The echoes of her past reverberate through her present, a constant reminder of the horrors she's endured.

As bloody corpses start appearing around town, suspicion falls on Eden, who swears she's no killer. But once a monster, always a monster—right?

What dark secrets lie within her cursed diary? With each chilling clue leading closer to home, the horrifying truth threatens to tear the town apart.

"Disturbed: The Diary of Eden Frost" is a spine-tingling psychological thriller that delves deep into the dark boundaries of sanity and the horrors that can lurk in a seemingly peaceful town. Will Eden break free from her dark past, or will she be forever trapped in a cycle of murder and madness?

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