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Gamon the Ghost: Learning English ABCs 

Gamon is a friendly little ghost who is unafraid of learning new things. In this book, he takes the children on a journey to discover the English Alphabet. Along the way, he encounters some not-so-scary characters—a through Z with a bit of fun in between. 

I was inspired to write this book to help the children of Thailand learn the English language and to support the great work RMHC does for the families of children with serious medical conditions. Books will be donated to schools in Northern Provinces and to RMHC at Children's Hospitals in Bangkok.

'ALL' net proceeds $$ from sales of this and subsequent children's books will be donated directly to Ronald McDonald House / Thailand supporting their 3 locations in Bangkok.


Earth as we know it will never be the same . . .

Earth’s sky is penetrated by an alien spacecraft that crashes into a hillside. Miraculously the military is able to save three infants from the wreckage. These three survivors are placed in foster homes until they are twenty.

As an adult, they obtain jobs in the depressed seaside port of Grimsdale. The trio is unaware the military has plans to test their ‘abilities’ with eight other individuals. Unbeknown to the group, the future holds hidden truths and a pathway to horror.

The first sinister test involves an array of terrifying monsters. This attack is one filled with brutality and bloodshed. Will their superpowers be enough to fight off the impending evil and chaos? Or will they perish under the English sky?

The Reluctant Ones

'Action-packed and filled with suspense and intrigue, The Reluctant Ones is a sci-fi horror odyssey you won't want to put down.'


P. Deka  - Readers Favorite

'Libraries and readers interested in alien stories that are very different from the norm will appreciate the ability of The Reluctant Ones to create thought-provoking moments that ultimately examine the true nature of alien and human interactions and definitions.'


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer - Midwest Book Review

'David Bond’s fascinating storytelling, well-built characters, and insightful exploration of personal growth make this book a must-read. Whether you are seeking a heartfelt tale of resilience or simply looking to be swept away by a beautifully written narrative, The Reluctant Ones is a book that should not be missed.'

              - BookBelow


Art by Jeffrey Burks

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